Thursday, November 30, 2006

Clean Up Worker

This ibu works as a street cleaner. She contributes a great deal in making the streets of Jakarta spotless. I haven't done any research, but I'm pretty sure that workers like her do not receive a good enough benefit from the government. Sad, really. It's such a tough job. picture taken by sLesTa

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mulia Tower and BRI II Building

Taken from below and inside a cab, the reflection of Mulia Tower on BRI II Building. Location: in Sudirman area. photo taken by Nick

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pendopo or Bale-Bale

This Pendopo or Bale-bale is also inside the Kite Museum. It wasn't being used for the wedding, but I just thought I took a picture of it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rumah Jawa

Still on the wedding series... We call this Rumah Jawa (Javanese House) as it has a uniquely Javanese architechture. Here's where the bride and groom being made up. They had to change into two different traditional outfits. One for the afternoon ceremony and another for the evening reception. To Jazzy: I've tried making the code identical to no avail :( I used to be able to tweak the size, but blogger's so mean nowadays! Perhaps I need to find the time to move to WP!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Wedding - Akad Nikah 3

Another angle... I love that lamp! :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Wedding - Akad Nikah 2

Following yesterday's post, here's a wider view of where the wedding took place.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Wedding - Akad Nikah

Akad Nikah is required in a Moslem wedding. Those who need to be present here are the bride & groom, father of the bride, two male witnesses, and a penghulu (same as priest in a christian wedding). What you see in this picture was the groom helding his future father in law's hand as he expressed his intention of marrying the love of his life. Father of the bride will then accept and the ceremony continues to marriage advices from the penghulu and official paper signing. sorry, still can't get large pics! :(

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prayers for the Wedding Couple

First of all, Blogger wouldn't allow me to enlarge the picture today. Not sure why. It's one of those Blogger's bad mood probably. Anyway, these two ladies were saying prayers for the wedding couple. The lady in white read a few lines from the Holy Qur'an, and the one beside her read the translation in Indonesian language.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Seserahan is a Javanese tradition during a marriage ceremony, where the bride & groom's family exchange gifts as a warm gesture to express their joy of uniting the two families. Here you can see the groom (at the front) wearing Javanese traditional outfit, guided by his parents to walk toward the ceremony area. His family brought baskets filled with gifts for the bride. In the old days, the bride didn't know what to expect in those boxes of presents. Some would find things that they're not fond of. But now it's common for the bride to choose the gifts she likes, so that nothing will be left unused. The gifts are mostly clothings, batik, lingerie, perfume, shoes, bags or may also be fruits and food.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kite Museum

The carriage, or delman as we call it, was made from thin paper which is used to create kites. This was taken in Jakarta's Kite Museum (Museum Layang-Layang) in Pondok Labu area. Here you can find so many artistic and more traditional type of kites. Besides having weddings and other gatherings, the museum often have kite festivals, kite-making course for kids, etc. The museum meant to keep the culture of traditional kites alive. Unfortunately the website is not available in English. Perhaps you were wondering why they put up those elegant white tents? Because a wedding was being held there! More pictures tomorrow :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Meet with Tanty from Stavanger Daily Photo

Goodie! I got to meet with one of the DP family as well! Tanty was visiting Jakarta to celebrate Idul Fitri with her family here. She was busy meeting her relatives, and I was quite tight up with work lately. But we finally found the time to meet last weekend. We met at Cilandak Town Square and Bella had a quite exciting experience in the arcade place, Timezone :) It was great fun! The first time I met with her adorable princesses, Bella and Brenda. Tanty and I actually knew each other from awhile back. We worked in the same company in 1995 and has been keeping in touch again recently. I sent her my Jakarta Daily Photo link and she then had an idea of creating her own Stavanger Daily Photo, which we all love of course! Anyway, let me know if anyone of you DP members would like to come visit Jakarta, ok :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Steak Anyone? :)

by now you probably wonder, is there anything else but fruits sold in the traditional market? :) well, of course there is. there are tons of other stuff. besides fruits and vegetables, people would go to the traditional markets to get fresh meat. unlike in the supermarket, here, the meat is not sold in packages. but as you can see at the picture above, the meat is hung and sliced as you request it. you can get anything you want off the beef. skin, heart, brains, lungs, liver, tails, and of course, the meat. and yes, they do sell them all.. and there are always someone who's looking for these parts. in fact, ox tail soup is one of the most favorite dish here. beef brain curry is also a delicacy as well as fried lungs. sounds weird? well, it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds. makes you rethink of those crazy food they show on fear factor, doesn't it? i guess, there are more to it than just a piece of steak out of the beef, don't you think? ;)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tropical Fruits

following yesterday's post, i'm showing the pictures i took on my visit to traditional markets. since i wouldn't want to post a picture of every tropical fruits i found, might as well share it all in one shot. i'm sure you've all seen the tropical fruits pictured above. these are the typical fruits you would find in the traditional markets in jakarta, cuz they are the fruits that grow abundantly in this part of the world. however, many of you may not seen it live, or even taste it. all of them taste sweet and refreshing, perfect for the tropical hot & humid weather we have in this part of the world. we may eat them fresh, juiced, eat them with peanut sauce, make them a salad, whatever it is, they all taste wonderful. just in case you don't recognize them, the above pictures -- starting from the top left, clockwise -- are papayas (in bahasa = "pepaya" / puh-pah-ya), guavas (in bahasa = "jambu klutuk" / jahm-boo cloo-took), rose apples (in bahasa = "jambu air" / jahm-boo ah-eer), and starfruits (in bahasa = "belimbing" / buh-limb-bing)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Snakeskin Fruit

yesterday's post delivered a great opening on the traditional market series that i will do for the next few days. so be prepare on stuff you will find inside jakarta's traditional markets. have you seen or heard this fruit pictured above? well, if you've lived in asia, you most probably have seen, heard, or might even tasted it. we call this fruit "salak", or also known as the snakeskin fruit. it can be found almost all over indonesia. and during its seasons, you will find it easily in any markets in jakarta. the skin is actually pretty thin, but it can be pretty sharp sometimes. there are numerous of times i've cut myself when peeling it. :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Traditional Market

It's all blurry, I know. I guess it could represent the busy movements of that place :) Hehe.. Anyway, it's one of our traditional markets in Jakarta. I promise to show you better shots of it next time!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jakarta at Night

The shot was taken from the World Trade Center building in Sudirman, Central Business District Jakarta. Even though it's not a day-ly photo, Jakarta at night is also beautiful :) Picture taken by Nick

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

XS Project - Jakarta

XS Project has such brilliant idea to help reduce waste and overcome poverty in Jakarta. They buy unused plastics from the trash pickers, develop the plastics into bags, wallets, trash bins, lunch boxes, etc. More information on their website and their catalog. I bought the large handbag and it's so useful, long lasting and unique. I use it for when we go to the beach or the swimming pool. It's great cause you could just wipe it if it ever gets wet. The one thing I remember when I first bought the bag was the wonderful smell! Because the plastics are mostly from detergents or floor cleaners. Hats off to everyone in the XS Project! I think they're doing a fantastic job :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ambassador Mall

Here's another mall in the Kuningan area. Ambassador Mall. Not sure why they picked that name. I think the ad on that building looks pretty cool. Don't you think? Out of topic from today's post: Are you into politic discussions? There are many protests going on in Jakarta right now due to George Bush's visit. Here's a not-so-serious-politic-discussion presented by Indonesia Anonymous. Quite a few interesting references as well. Also, Eric from Paris Daily Photo asked about the bombing in Jakarta and yesterday I couldn't find any online news about it. But I have it today. The incident happened quite far from where I live.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yellow Cab

Aha! I found a yellow cab in Jakarta :) Taxi CAB? ok, it's a taxi taxi :) LOL! Hope you all have a good weekend!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Pecel Lele

Aah... a typical warung (street food stall) which you will find in many streets of Jakarta. This particular one serves home cooking food such as pecel lele (fried fish served with rice and veggies with spicy peanut sauce), ayam goreng (fried chicken), soto ayam (Indonesian style clear chicken soup), sambal (Indonesian chilly sauce), etc. Happy Friday, everyone! So, are there any street food stalls where you live?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kemang - Furnitures

Nope, those chairs are not to be thrown away. You are actually looking at a furniture store. You'll find many furniture stores along the Kemang area. Prices might be a little higher than other places though. But if you're good at bargaining, you might get yourself a good deal.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kemang - Barbados

Barbados is a unique restaurant in Kemang. You get to see that huge part of ship at the front entrance. The food is ok and they have live music performances. The area is quite large and often used as birthday parties or other gathering events.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kemang Square

Those cute rattan baskets are sold near the Kemang Square. So, how about buying one of them after having your Starbucks coffee or Haagen Dazs ice cream :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Kemang - Kem Chiks

Kemang is quite a funky and hip area in south Jakarta. It has various entertainment places, restaurants from Indian food to Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, American, Indonesian... fast food, street food stalls to fine dining. Cafes and clubs with all sorts of different types of music. DJ's spinning music or live performances? Your choice. It's a place that never sleeps. Many changes have happened in the streets of Kemang. But I remember Kem Chiks supermarket being there for years. This place is quite popular among the expatriates community because it's one of the places in Kemang where they could find imported products from canned foods to meat and wine and cheese. Kemang sometimes held a festival called Kemang Street Festival, where the streets are closed for a number of vendors to sell their products such as Indonesian crafts, clothes, food, etc. I haven't heard of another one coming up, but will try to post pictures of it later. If you come and visit Jakarta, do take your time to experience Kemang. It's fun! Oh, sorry about the weird angle. It was just a very hot day, I guess :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Mascot

if disneyland uses a mouse animation for a mascot, Dufan uses a monkey figure as one. though we do not know exactly what the mascot is called (i can't seem to find the info anywhere, any input from would be much appreciated!), it is based on a character figure of a proboscis monkey, pictured above. it's a popular mascot and anyone in indonesia, particularly in jakarta, would recognize the mascot right away. and most kids wouldn't miss an opportunity of a shot with the mascot when they come for a visit. :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


hey guys, i'm back. santy and i are trying to arrange a schedule so we both can post regularly. though she will still be the main contributor, i wouldn't mind sharing my pictures more often than usual, i hope you don't mind too. unfortunately, you might get confuse on whose picture that's currently featured ... so sorry about that. now if you don't mind, i'd like to continue the series on my last posting on amusement park, here's another ride we have in Dufan. this is just another roller coaster ride, like any other in any amusement parks. we call it "Halilintar" which means "thunder" in bahasa. although this is one of the old rides, this is my favorite. it operated since 1987. it has 6 cars and can carry a maximum of 24 riders. until now it still works pretty well and still my favorite, even though they have new rides in the park.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Political Graffiti

In Jakarta there is much graffiti, most of it is very artistic and colorful. This old fashioned, politically oriented graffiti appeared on a city wall soon after the soldiers were kidnapped and the Israeli army invaded Lebanon. Though far removed from the middle east, Islamic solidarity is evident in Jakarta. photo and text by Mike

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Plastic Bottles

This photo is of plastic bottles being prepared for recycling. People scour the city streets for plastic containers that can be sold to companies who will reprocess the plastic. There are many bottles to pick up, but the pay is small. For a fully loaded handcart a collector may earn $2.00. Long, hot work for little profit is the way of life for many in large urban areas. photo and text by Mike

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daily Photo Theme - Something About to Disappear Soon

I consider this month's theme to be very challenging. I actually couldn't find the time to shoot something, but I sure don't want to miss participating in the theme! My friend gave me this picture of a house made from wood and stone, which you wouldn't find around Jakarta anymore. To me, it looks like architechture in the big city of Jakarta is going toward minimalist or european models to suite people's lifestyles. And I think this type of house is much more difficult to maintain compared to concrete and steel. Although you will still find a house like this being built in a higher ground closer to the mountain, where it's cooler, and people use it as a place to get away from the hectic city. So I guess, this isn't about to disappear soon altoghether... just disappearing from the crowded city and being exchanged by tall apartment buildings :) Want to know what other cities have come up with for this month's theme? Check out these links below to find out: 1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 -20 -21 -22 -23 -24 -25 -26 -27 -28 -29 -30 -31 -32 -33 -34 -35 -36 -37 -38 -39 -40 -41 -42 -43 -44 -45 -46 -47 -48 -49 -50 -51 -52 -53 -54 -55 -56

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