Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Giant Ferris Wheel

If America has Disneyland, Indonesia has Dufan (short for "Dunia Fantasy" or Fantasy Land). It's an amusement park located in the northern part of Jakarta, near the beach, inside the complex called Ancol Bay City. Ancol has Seaworld, Water Park, and Amusement Park among other things. Although Dufan is not as grand as Disneyland, it offers quite a variety range of rides, including "Bianglala" Giant Ferris Wheel above.

Amusement park photos too! Just like KL DP :-)
oh hey.. what a coincidence!! :) i didn't even know KL is posting amusement park photos, if u didn't tell me.. i been outta town for the past few days, and haven't visited other cities DP..

it's a cool coincidence though.. :P i guess it's part of the idul fitri spirit.. heheh..
Great minds, you know sometimes haf\ve parallel ideas. Good shot, clear and bright!
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