Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Mascot

if disneyland uses a mouse animation for a mascot, Dufan uses a monkey figure as one. though we do not know exactly what the mascot is called (i can't seem to find the info anywhere, any input from would be much appreciated!), it is based on a character figure of a proboscis monkey, pictured above. it's a popular mascot and anyone in indonesia, particularly in jakarta, would recognize the mascot right away. and most kids wouldn't miss an opportunity of a shot with the mascot when they come for a visit. :)

i don't like that mascot.
looks scarry.
nothing's cute in it.

why don't they update their mascot?
hold a design competition or something....
hahha.. i agree with you. though it's a good idea to hold a competition to redo their mascot image, i think it may take some time to do that. the mascot has been there for a long time and people have associated the place with it. it may take a big marketing campaign to change the image.. and that needs lotsa money!! don't know if they would spend so much though.. hopefully they do! we'll just have to wait and see.
I think the mascot is okay.
Very Indonesia.
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