Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yellow Cab

Aha! I found a yellow cab in Jakarta :) Taxi CAB? ok, it's a taxi taxi :) LOL! Hope you all have a good weekend!
one would have mistake this one for the classic american taxi.
have a great weekend.
Hi Santy. I heard about an explosion in Jakarta yesterday or today at an A&W restaurant. How are you?
jazzy: yes, they look similar, eh?

eric: are you sure it was Jakarta? I haven't heard about it and couldn't find it in the newspaper. but then again, I've been working in my office this weekend and not paying much attention to the news.
maybe its such a "very taxi" that they had to name it taxi-taxi:)
I also havent heard about any bombs in Jakarta...hopefully it didnt happen.
Nice photos...what digital camera type did u use?
zsolt72: haha! such a very taxi...funny isn't it? :)

zalvin: I use nikon coolpix 3700. but there are pictures here from sLesTa's camera and I'm not sure what she uses.
i use both nikon d70 or sony pocket digicam (don't remember the exact series) for those quick-and-ready to shoot type of pictures.. :)
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