Monday, November 13, 2006

Ambassador Mall

Here's another mall in the Kuningan area. Ambassador Mall. Not sure why they picked that name. I think the ad on that building looks pretty cool. Don't you think? Out of topic from today's post: Are you into politic discussions? There are many protests going on in Jakarta right now due to George Bush's visit. Here's a not-so-serious-politic-discussion presented by Indonesia Anonymous. Quite a few interesting references as well. Also, Eric from Paris Daily Photo asked about the bombing in Jakarta and yesterday I couldn't find any online news about it. But I have it today. The incident happened quite far from where I live.
ohh i was living in the kuningan area in Jakarta:)
I guees, they chose that name since Kuningan is the home of many embassies of foreign countries.
that's a great shopping mall and the ad is cool, haha they really used the space well, very imaginative.
have a good week Santy.
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