Friday, November 17, 2006

Snakeskin Fruit

yesterday's post delivered a great opening on the traditional market series that i will do for the next few days. so be prepare on stuff you will find inside jakarta's traditional markets. have you seen or heard this fruit pictured above? well, if you've lived in asia, you most probably have seen, heard, or might even tasted it. we call this fruit "salak", or also known as the snakeskin fruit. it can be found almost all over indonesia. and during its seasons, you will find it easily in any markets in jakarta. the skin is actually pretty thin, but it can be pretty sharp sometimes. there are numerous of times i've cut myself when peeling it. :)

Yes, I have seen that fruit.
Beautiful looking fruit - do you just peel and eat it fresh? What does it taste like?
through my food blog i came across this fruit before. yet i have no idea: what do you use it for? how do you eat it/ cook it? would appreciate any recipe you might have :)
wwooww, that fruit is really new for me. I don't know If I would eat it. I am really coward when I see a snake. What is more, I am starting to run hehehehe.

keropok man: yes, i'm sure you have.. :)

meg nagakawa: yes, we just peel and eat it fresh. it tastes sweet. when you peel it, it usually comes in three parts, two big ones and one small one. and in each part it has a seed in dark brown color that you can't eat.

andreea: this is just one of the fruits. so we just eat it fresh. no cooking necessary. althoug people may get creative and preserve this in chili vinegary sauce.
irredento urbanita: whoa.. i just replied to the above comments, and i see yours.

well.. the "snake" is just part of the name cuz the skin of the fruit looks very rough. but the fruit itself is actually not bad. it tastes sweet, really. u should try it if you see one, just hopefully you don't get the young ones, cuz those taste really sour.. just like any other young fruits. :)
wow, this is so exotic for me. do they taste like lychees ?
yes, salak, I like it a lot. One of the famous one in Jakarta is Salak Condet.
Gorgeous photo, it drew me in from the portal site. I love brown! And the texture of these fruit is beautiful. Do you eat them when they're pretty soft, but firm? Like kiwi?
Well, it's much firmer than kiwi. it's like a softer yet more solid -with more mass- apple. Also, it's not as juicy/watery as most apples. I can't think of anything that would come close to salak here in the US....
what a cool photo!
I absolutely haven't not seen this fruit before...its skin looks like snake skin...eeekkk...:-)
the only animal I am afraid snake...(ok being alone with a hungry lion in a cage would be also a bit scary) i am not sure I would be able to eat this fruti thinking always of snakes:) great photo!
all: thanks for all your comments. just to point out to those who are still wondering how this fruit tastes like.. , well.. just like lavina said, the consistency is pretty firm, but unlike kiwi or lychee.. maybe a bit like the crunchy apples.

and for lisi and zsolt72.. don't worry, the skin just looks like snakeskin, but don't judge a book by this cover.. in this case, the fruit by it's cover.. hehhe.. you'll never know you might really like the taste once you try it. i know i do... ;)
That is so cool.
Had never seen those before but how SPECTACULARLY beautiful! I wish I could taste them.
omg! salak!! how i miss it so much! I LOVE SALAK
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