Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tropical Fruits

following yesterday's post, i'm showing the pictures i took on my visit to traditional markets. since i wouldn't want to post a picture of every tropical fruits i found, might as well share it all in one shot. i'm sure you've all seen the tropical fruits pictured above. these are the typical fruits you would find in the traditional markets in jakarta, cuz they are the fruits that grow abundantly in this part of the world. however, many of you may not seen it live, or even taste it. all of them taste sweet and refreshing, perfect for the tropical hot & humid weather we have in this part of the world. we may eat them fresh, juiced, eat them with peanut sauce, make them a salad, whatever it is, they all taste wonderful. just in case you don't recognize them, the above pictures -- starting from the top left, clockwise -- are papayas (in bahasa = "pepaya" / puh-pah-ya), guavas (in bahasa = "jambu klutuk" / jahm-boo cloo-took), rose apples (in bahasa = "jambu air" / jahm-boo ah-eer), and starfruits (in bahasa = "belimbing" / buh-limb-bing)

sLesTa i can't see the photo above but i'm sure it looks colourful and inviting =)
There must be a problem, I can't see the photo either!
I join...I also this there is a problem..I cant see any photo...though I am veeeeeeeery curious:)
hey all, i'm sorry for the inconvenience... i think there was something wrong with the uploaded images... but it should be fixed by now... can you see the pics now?
i guess it still doesn't show. sorry about this. i'm still not sure why cuz i can see the pics in my computer. i'll see what i can do to fix this later...
It's showing up now! Cool pics!!
yaaayyy!!! :)
Oh, I personally wouldn't mind pictures of every single tropical fruit you find. Some look absolutely sculptural and many have wonderful colors.
now I can see the picture! I like rose apple, with spicy sauce, that makes a good 'rujak' (salad fruit)
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