Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Wedding - Akad Nikah 2

Following yesterday's post, here's a wider view of where the wedding took place.
I'm enjoying the wedding series, Santy. Since you were inside, was this a friend or a family who got married? And were their marriage arranged, or did they find each other? Are there arranged marriages?
thank you for this wonderful photo. I love to spend time on the enlarged version to see details.
waa kawinan kakak arti. post more pics yah..
ooo..i like this wedding photo more.
all furniture are decorated into white.The atmosphere felt great!!

What a beautiful serie Santy. The women look soooo gorgeous and pretty!
meg: it's my cousin's wedding. and no, it's not an arranged marriage.

zsolt72: yes, I'm still trying to get larger pictures like before.

riri: thanks for visiting, dear. hope all is well.

jing: yes, this particular wedding actually had a pretty laid back atmosphere. unlike other weddings which are much more intense, crowded and filled with too many traditional ceremonies.

dutchie: thanks! the ladies are indeed gorgeous... although I bet they couldn't wait to free their hair from those buns!! LOL!

thanks for stopping by, guys :)
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