Saturday, November 04, 2006


hey guys, i'm back. santy and i are trying to arrange a schedule so we both can post regularly. though she will still be the main contributor, i wouldn't mind sharing my pictures more often than usual, i hope you don't mind too. unfortunately, you might get confuse on whose picture that's currently featured ... so sorry about that. now if you don't mind, i'd like to continue the series on my last posting on amusement park, here's another ride we have in Dufan. this is just another roller coaster ride, like any other in any amusement parks. we call it "Halilintar" which means "thunder" in bahasa. although this is one of the old rides, this is my favorite. it operated since 1987. it has 6 cars and can carry a maximum of 24 riders. until now it still works pretty well and still my favorite, even though they have new rides in the park.

Hi, Slesta...
I hope it's safe...
maybe because I am a Taurus (down to the Earth) I HATE these kind of tools in amusement parks:) We have a very old and special one in Budapest. From wood. I will post about it later.
i remember i rid halilintar once, scary!
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