Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wooden Doll

I've posted a Javanese wooden doll picture before, and here's another one. He's a wayang (puppet show) character, but I'm not sure which one. Perhaps my fellow Indonesians out there could help remind me. The red rounded shape thing on the upper right is a bag. I think it's really cute :)
Very interesting puppet doll. I think it's a nice piece of art. And it's functional too, serving as a peg for the purse to hang on.
Is this one of those that you put next to the door to great your guests? That's really artistic work!
I thought I recognized the look of this puppet from your Yogyakarta post! How big are these puppets (it is hard for me to tell)? Oh, and groovy bag too!
I love the bag!
great for deco ! and who wouldn't like the bag :)
you can put this doll anywhere you like. it's not that big, really. you can put it on a table or down on the floor. your choice.
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