Monday, May 29, 2006

Earthquake in Yogyakarta

Thank you all for your concerns about the earthquake that happened in Yogyakarta. I was not able to post during the weekend, so my apologies if I have made you all wondering. But always a big thanks to Denton for helping me post my weekend pictures. As for the earthquake, we couldn't feel anything in Jakarta. My brother in law is currently studying over there and thankfully he's okay. The earthquake has severely damaged old houses and most of Yogya's suburban areas. Thousands of people died (more than 3,800 people), as you have probably seen on the news. A great loss and another grief for Indonesians after the Tsunami. Unfortunately I couldn't go out there and shoot some of the earthquake scenes. What you see on the picture today are Javanese wooden dolls as a symbol of Yogyakarta. Here is today's news from our Jakarta Post newspaper. It was so hard watching the news without shedding a tear :( My prayers are with my fellow Indonesians out there.
Great to know that you are OK. My concerns and prayers go out to your countrymen who were affected byt the earthquake.
Glad you are okay. I will keep your fellow countrymen in my thoughts and prayers.
I am glad you and your family are okay. You have added a face and a personal tie with Indonesia which I did not have before you started posting your blog. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your countrymen.
Hi Santy...

Of course, my hubby and I knew you were ok...but only because he knows his Indonesian geography...he said the quake was at least 700 miles away....a guess! But it's still sad to hear that an entire village is gone....sigh~

And I read him your comment on the pisang goreng (YUM! Love it myself!) and the *ice* cendol...his uncle used to make a mean ice cendol when he had a restaurant down in LA...anyway, he gave you kudos (a big pat on the back) for being health-conscious...too bad his father's generation weren't in the know about things like fried food and saturated fat (bad bad bad santan!)...he probably wouldn't have had to have triple bypass...oh well...that's life.

Love your doll picture! :-)

I could sure go for some kueh talam right now...made with yam! YUM!

I have been in Yogya some time ago and I keep remembering all the nice people I met there while traveling from Bali to Jakarta (by bus!). All our thoughts go to you and to all who live in the region. Hopefully the Merapi's activity will slow down.

Santy, glad to know you and your loved ones are ok !
Hi Santy, great to hear that you and your family's ok!
Glad to know that you and your family are okay. I hope that Mother Nature will leave Indonesia alone!
Glad to know you are OK.Our hearts go out to all the victims and there families.
I've been watching the news on the earthquake. The people in the affected area suffered such terrible loses, especially after the Tsunami. What are hard thing to lose family members, your home, everything. Santy I'm glad you are safe.
I'm glad to know that you're ok. Nature is a powerful thing.
Thoughts and prayers
My concerns are with the people who live a new drama in that area.
glad to hear you and family are ok, Santy :) I do hope the people there be strong and face the challenges ..
Ever so pleased to know you are OK, I checked the distance but obviously didn't know where you were spending the weekend. Thoughts are with you.
Good good good, Santy! Fundraising is already in action here for Indonesia and as always, HK people is very willing to help their neighbors, I hope things will get back to normal in the Yogyakarta area soon.
So glad to to know you are ok.
Our heart goes out to all of you...
Indonesians are such strong people. I wish the victims and their family a quick recovery. Glad to hear you and your fmaily members are well.
Bagus sekali, Santy selamat.

the news today was sad. the camera kept picking shots of children being carried away by stretches.
Glad you and your family are okay. My heart goes out to the Indonesian people. You are all in my thoughts.
I am glad to hear you and your family are fine. I am sorry for the victims and their families. I wish Indonesia a quick recovery.
Hi Santy

I am new to the DP family but I am glad you and your family are ok. My thoughts are with the Indonesian people affected by this earthquake!
Happily you are not effected but unhappily, so many are. Best wishes, Annie
nice to know that you and your family are ok, santy but I am so sad for the people who were affected. Just got back from a vacation and havent been watching the news.
saya baru aja darijogja... ambil foto2 kota yg cukup rusak. nenek saya jugadi jogja. bantul paling parah.
Hang in there, Santi! We had a taste of "what might happen" in San Francisco back in 1989, and although the damage was not great, the media kept looping the news 24/7 and everybody was depressed and lost for at least a week. I still remember the images, that car dangling on the bridge, for instance, because they played it so much.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of your country.
Hi Santy!

I'm glad you are good, and nothing bad happened to you and your family. Was watching the news and it really pains me how much suffering the quake has brought to your countrymen, my prayers are with you and your country. Godbless!
Glad that you and your loved ones are alright! Indonesia has been in my thoughts a lot during these days!
I have been thinking about you and am glad you are okay. It is heartbreaking to watch the images and hear the stories. Will keep you all in my thoughts.
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