Sunday, June 04, 2006

Restoran Padang - Inside

Remember this post? This is how it looks inside. You can see how they arrange the plates with all kinds of food. Those things lined up on the left side are crunchy kerupuk which goes delicious with the spicy Padang food :) Ok, you all know by now that I'm a spicy food lover!
waduh...fotonya bikin kangen abis nih mbak...
salam kenal, mmpir buat ngobatin kangen nih...boleh ya?
Your blog really makes me want to visit Indonesia! You really bring Jakarta to life. I can almost taste the spicy food!
Ina: boleeeh...sering-sering aja mampir :)

anonymous: well, put Jakarta on your next vacation list :)
This looks delicious.
Padang food sounds very delicious, especially if it's very spicy.
All the food looks really great! You have a very fine way of showing the different foods :-)

/Kathrine - getting all hungry
Looks like a large variety of food.
Nasi Padang is the first thing I search everytime I go home.... But I must be careful now since my stomach can't stand too spicy food anymore not because I'm away too long from Indonesia but my stomach was infected when I was a kid and it left a big scar inside... argggh
You are driving me crazy with all this spicy soooo much!
Unlike you Santy, i always eat mildly. I remember having gone to an indonesian restaurant and actually i forgot what we had then, but after i had taken one bite, i was stuck with my tongue to the back of the spoon, coz that was the only thing cooling me down untill the drinks arrived.
Do you think eating spicy is a art one can acquire?
dutchie: a quicker way to soothe your tongue after eating spicy food is by drinking hot unsweetened tea. but then, don't force yourself if you know that spicy food is just not your thing :)

thanks for all your commments!
All your food posts are making me hungry!
nice blog, tante :D
Wish I could test that food myself!
tolerance on hot&spicy taste is acquire through one's upbringing experience I guess.

I know for a fact a number of people who despite having grown up in Asia do not fancy the fiery stuff.


Pengen padang euy. udah dua tahun ngga nyentuh rendang, ayam bakar bumbu padang. euaaah...
masakan padang di jakarta memang rata2 enak...

tapi di tempat tinggalku, gag ada yang enak... ;)
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