Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rumah Makan Padang

This is a typical Padang Restaurant which we call Rumah Makan Padang. ('Rumah Makan' is restaurant.) Padang is a city from West Sumatera. That triangular shape is taken from their traditional Minangkabau houses called 'rumah gadang' which means a large house. When you click the picture and look closely, you'll see how they set up the plates on the display. They usually cook the food early in the morning, put them in those plates and keep them there until the restaurant is closed, which is around 10 pm usually. Some of non Indonesians would be somewhat reluctant to eat in Padang restaurants mainly because of two reasons: the food is very spicy or they worry about the food quality after so many hours being kept outside. As for me...well, I loooove Padang food! And never had any problems with them :)
I Love Padang food also. Not because I'm from West Sumatra but due to the taste of the food. It's sooo ... delicious!!
Interesting decoration and explanation of the restaurant!
Nice shot
I've never tried padang. I'll look out for any such restaurants here. Interestign information.
Just went home last month and took tons of pics of Padang food to show my friends in the US. Three words: rich, succulent, delicious. Never get tired of eating it.
I miss padang foods soooo much :(
Laper euy, padang dulu ah.
*menghitung hari* 2 bulan lagi pulang kampung nih... begitu nyampe, bakal nyerbu naspad. paru goreng dan sambel ijo... aku padamuuu!!
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