Monday, December 18, 2006


these days, we're more familiar with keyboards and monitor screen than typewriter and a piece of paper. typewriter is pretty much old school now and more like antiques compare to computers.
that's why i could not help but take pictures when i found the displays of typewriters being sold in the flea market near one of the traditional markets in south of jakarta. they look well maintained, right?

I think that green one os an Olivetti Lettera 32. Hey! How do I suspect that? Well, I grew up surrounded by Olivettis - Dad was a typewriter, adding machine, and then photocopy mechanic for Olivetti, and then taught others how to fix them. Computers however, mystified him!!
The one in the middle, left side, is just like the one I took to college in 1970. I still have it and still use it once in a while just for nostalgia sake.
the one on the groud looks bigger!!

I remember going to my dad's office and playing with one of these
my dad used to own one and later in my twenties, i bought one electronic typewriter before the pc..boy , now i wonder where have mine gone to?
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