Sunday, December 03, 2006

School Kids

These kids goes to a school near the cemetary,during the break, they play under the big tree..I wonder what would they say ,when they see this picture again,on the next 40 or 50 years :)( Location : TPU Karet ). Both today and yesterday's pictures look so much better when you click on them and view the larger size. Am getting really frustrated with blogger for not allowing me to make my pictures bigger! Well, I'll do something about it once I have the time :) photo taken by Nick
I love their unforms. :)
cute kids....
the photo reminds me one photo taken by Nunoporto daily photo...
so cute sparrows...

have a nice day..

shanghai daily photo
What an absolutely charming photo. Great capture!
You are right, this is FANTASTIC when enlarged - not just the kids, but the leaves, too. This would make a fantastic card or a calendar photo!
They're lil' boys scouts :)

I wanted to print it and give it to
their school :)

What a great photo. Love the B&W !
simple, innocent, I love it!!
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