Sunday, December 10, 2006

KFC - Playland

This is probably why people choose to celebrate their kids' birthday parties here. We certainly couldn't entertain them like this at home. But hey, what happens to traditional games and playing around on the backyard? I don't have a backyard, but board games, puzzles, sing and dance could probably do the trick, don't you think? :)
It's the dilemma of modern life in apartment-cities.

No, sorry, I don't think board games and singing cut it alone (they're good, but not the full story) - kids need to move and run and jump as well...and I guess, sadly, junk food outlet playgrounds are filling a need...and the more junk they eat the more they need to move...(I have never seen a KFC playground, but MacDonalds ones are pretty standard)

Fortunately I live in a city with lots of parks and open space, as well as backyards, though apartment livign is becomign more popular too, and an economic necessity in lots of cases as housing prices skyrocket.
ohhh I remember the word AYAM. It means chicken:)
Looks like fun to me! :)
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