Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shopping for Idul Fitri

Malls, department stores and markets are getting more and more crowded every second closer to the Idul Fitri day. It is in our tradition to buy new clothes, new shoes and other new things as a symbol of cleansing oneself and hopefully being a new and better person religiously. I personally believe that you don’t need to have new things in order to grasp the true meaning of Idul Fitri. I do shop like everybody else only because it is our custom, but I try not to spend too much and I don't do it every year. Some people spend their money buying food for the needy and clothes for the orphan kids, and I think that’s a better way to celebrate. Looking at that full parking lot, I just remember that one thing you need to avoid in Jakarta during the Ramadan month is having dinner out, cause all the restaurants on every corner of the streets (especially ones at the mall!) will be so packed starting 5 pm. You'll end up being put on a waiting list. So, it's best to make a reservation beforehand.
This sounds a bit like the over commercialization of Christmas which happens in the US. I'm as guilty as the next though and spend way to much money at Christmas.
Lebaran sebentar lagi, pulang kampung kemana, Santy? Kita sklg pulang kampungnya ke Jakarta hehehe. Taon depan ke Jambi. Gantian sama istri.

by the way, nice catch...
santy, I once overheard some Lebanese kids at school I taught at trying to explain Eid to a non-Moslem friend, and in the end they said "Well, it's like Lebanese Christmas!"

The shopping and feasting component certainly is!!!
It is spelled as Aidil Fitri in Singapore and Malaysia :-)

Sudah siap beli barang barang untuk Hari Raya?
back home people go shopping crazy for new clothes and stuff during christams too, very much the same with your festival. And its becoming a craze here in a buddhist,shintoist country.
I blame commercialization !!

have a nice day!
I like your sentiment about giving away to orphans or others in need. Some have so much and still feel the need for more while others have nothing.
in my country Idul Fitri is call ‘Bajram’ and it will be celebrated with lots of good food..
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