Thursday, October 19, 2006

Peeling Jackfruit

jackfruit, or nangka in bahasa, is one of fruits quite popular in many parts of the world, including indonesia. it's one of the delicacy that we put inside our dessert mixed with slices of young coconut meat, avocado, and jelly in sweet syrup, usually called es teler (bahasa: es=ice teler=drunk, but it actually translate as "mixed", due to the variety of ingredients). it is quite popular during the month of ramadhan, a refreshing drink to break our fast with. but i won't put the picture of the drink here as yet.. :) cuz it's too much of a view during fasting period.. :D however, ever wonder how the jackfruit is peeled? the fruit has so much sap in it that it takes one to know a good trick to take the fruit out. picture above was taken from a corner of a traditional market in jakarta. the guy in red hat was expertly peeling the jackfruit to be sold. usually they would cover their hands & knife with oil, so they would take the fruit easily, without collecting sap. i tried it when i was young.. it was fun, but quite messy ... :(

Slesta, is it the purple fruit that's the peeled bit? And you know, after all this talk, in a week's time you or Santy will HAVE to post a picture of the feast after Ramadan, yeah?
sounds delicious, cheers to es teler!
we used to have a nangka tree in front of our house. my mum and us the children will be peeling them out. how sticky your hands will be after that. but we get to enjoy a few days worth of nangka after that. we will usually give to our neighbours and friends.
meg: no, it's not in purple color. it's green. sure, i'd be happy to show the pics of the feast after the eid.. ;)

thanks for your comments, all!
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