Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lebaran Parcels

it's also one of the customs to send parcels to relatives or friends before Idul Fitri (or Lebaran in Bahasa). but the above picture is not the regular kind of parcels. it's actually part of the tidings or zakat for the muslims to give to the unfortunate ones. usually, zakat can be given in the form of cash, directly to the unfortunate ones. but it's also common to give them in the form of basic needs, such as pack of rice, sugar, fry oil, soy sauce, milk, etc. due to the rise of prices before Idul Fitri, they usually unable to buy them in large amounts, sometimes they just cannot afford to buy them at all. getting them as gifts like these would really useful to lighten up their burden before Idul Fitri and they can celebrate it like other families.

It's a lovely social commentary, and I hate to sound so shallow, but I'm sooo interested in Sirup Cocopandan in the picutre. Is it sweet? What do you use it for? Do you think it's an Indonesian thing or all over Southeast Asia? Do you think it's exported? Is this an everyday condiment?
thanks meg. yes, it's a sweet syrup. usually, it can be served mixed with water for serving or it could be mixed with coconut meat, jackfruit, etc.. to make "es teler" or any other indonesian popular drinks. it's not exactly an everyday condiment, but it's a popular one. i'm not sure if it's all over southeast asian, but i know it's indonesian trademark.. but with globalization today, it could easily be found anywhere in asian countries. but i'm not too sure about the origin. all i know it's been in indonesia for as long as i can remember. :)
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