Sunday, October 22, 2006


this is another popular snacks among indonesian, generally called "gorengan" (means fried stuff). it would include anything from fried tofu, tempe, banana, sweet potatoes, cassava, or mixed veggie ball (bakwan), deep fried after coated with flour-mix. they usually are sold on the street by the vendors, like pictured above. sometimes eaten with fresh chili, it tastes good (mostly salty), just the way it is, especially when still hot and crunchy. it's sold all year long, but for me, it's one of the good thing to have for buka puasa (breaking the fast), good compliment to a sweet hot tea or any sweet drinks.. :)

It sure looks tasty enough for me!

Curly's Photoshop
mmmmmm... fried stuff
Ooooh... gimme the fried tofuuu!! That's my fav. I live in Australia thing for sure, really miss these "HEALTHY" food ! :D
Yum!!! My favourite is Fried Banana AKA "Pisang goreng" and if the seller got it right "singkong goreng". I miss them so much :{ even though you can make it yourself it never taste the same..
mmm...yummy! i miss those, fortunately i could fried some here.
love to see how live is around the world... good 'shots'... visit me, tell me what u think... bye...
STOP! You're making me hungry! Love some deep fried food, especially a lot of what you mentioned is vegetarian! Yum Yum.
Sorry I haven't visited for a while, been busy!
thank you for sharing with us some sides of your city ! I would love to visit Indonesia, I'm quite fascinated by this country !:)

This snack looks very tasty !
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