Saturday, October 21, 2006

Es Cincau

this is another popular drink in indonesia. the traditional ones are sold by street vendors and most of the times, are the best ones. this is called "es cincau" or grass-jelly drink. it's sweet, mixed with syrup and shaved ice. it's a refreshing drink, perfect for buka puasa (break-fasting time).

looks delicious!

what is the green bit on top?
neat colours!
the color is so nice and the glass cup looks so sturdy! I'd order one now if I could
I would love to taste this drink. I wonder if the jelly is something like agar jelly or nata de coco... I love anything of that kind of texture and consistency!
ohh it looks like a shake. We have similar glas in Hungary having honey in it:)
mike c: that green bit is the one that we call "cincau" which basically the grass-jelly.

meg nagakawa: yes.. it's similar texture, actually.

zsolt72: actually, it's not a shake.. cuz it's not mixed, but chunks of grass jelly mixed with shaved ice with syrup. but then again, i don't know how your drink looks like.. it might be pretty similar.. :)

all, thanks for your comments. do try to taste them when you come for a visit.. ;)
That looks very intense!
looks delicious! love the color
That looks very refreshing!
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