Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wood Carving

This was taken from my mom's antique wooden table. I think it's a beautiful piece. So much respect shown by those ladies with hair tied up in buns, bowing to each other. Although it might as well be a scene where a helper met the land lady. My late grandmother used to say that a helper was forbidden to stand or sit on the same level as the lady of the house, and they must not say a word unless a question being asked to them. In the old days, they have to sit on the floor and never look at their land lady in the eyes. I have a helper and enjoy daily conversations with her and treat her as part of my family, although my mom still believe that her only job is to mend the house, period. Hey, she's human too. And freedom of speech is entitled for her as well, right? Anyway, what do you think the story is?
My grandma also had helpers at home. She comes from some ulu part of Indo. She's a very nice lady and we all talk to her when we visit grandma.
Hi Santy,
First of all, what a nice idea to take this photo,it is look like a wooden door and the subject of the artist is very interesting.

Your story it is very 'strange' to my ears,in Greece it was different on the past.
I think it could be either a sick child or grandparent, but not sure they would carve that on a table. Is it a new baby?

I'm also passing along this link to the "asian daily photo" family. Not sure if it's of interest, but you can check it out. You might want to submit your blog to be one of the Best Blogs in Asia.
Differences among generations are always interesting! Beautiful table. Cinderella??!!
fascinating. great table which makes a very interesting photo.
Hi Santy. Wow that sounds like how the whites treat the blacks in the olden days...
Oh this IS so very beautiful. What a lovely piece.
Proves that class consciosness is notexclusively the preserve of one culture or another, eh!

I too think it's a scene about a newborn baby.
Beautiful piece of woodcraft!
keropok man: good for you!

selana18: that's what I find interesting in Daily Photo blogs as learn so many new and interesting cultures in different countries. so, how was it like in Greece's golden days?

eric: I never thought about a new born baby. But maybe you're right. Thanks for the link, I couldn't open it at work for some reason. Will try at an internet cafe today.

kate: hehe...Javanese Cinderella maybe :)

jazzy, meg: thanks!

anne: yep, similar to that I guess.

sally: you share eric's views. maybe you're both correct :)

dutchie: I think so too!

Thanks, all!
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