Sunday, September 03, 2006

Waiting Area

We went to Pelni Hospital in Petamburan area of West Jakarta, showing condolonces to our friend who just lost her father. I came across these chairs and thought the wall behind them look pretty cool.
Hi Santy! Oh yes that wall is definitely cool! You should try it in black and white...i bet they will come more beautiful!
Condolances to your friend, but this is lovely. Was it made with teak wood?
it is wonderfully composed. At the same time, I agree with anne,too
I like this photo very much...

asli...bagus banget...
Great shot, really clean and simple.

I really like the texture of the background and the empty seats.

I'm sorry for your friends loss, however the seats give a strong feeling of loss to.

Well shot...
And some people thought I was strange taking a photo inside the bathroom of a restaurant! Do you carry your camera everywhere?
thanks everyone!
and yes, Eric...I do bring my camera everywhere :)
that's a nice shot!
Try cropping it without the chairs, too, because as i scrolled I thought the pattern and repetition was startlingly attractive.
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