Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Veggie Man

There are still some who walk and push their vegetable carts around the neighborhood. This guy is making his life easier and he's lucky to have a motorbike.
Is this this the worst smash and grab raid I've ever seen? He is taking the whole shop with him!

I always like to see the funny side denton.

Curly's Photoshop
Great capture of this wonderful scene, Santy!
Love fresh veg - do you have uniquely Indonesian veggies that we might not have heard of?
Oh, this looks a little bit safer than the motorbike picutre from the other day!
they stock a great deal of vege. My mom used to love to buy from them.. :)
curly: yep, a moving shop :)

kim: thanks. it's a look into our culture.

meg: hmm...good idea. I'll try to post something on that. thanks, meg!

felicia: yes, you're right. that motorbike scene really made us all worried.

kris: your mom and my mom have things in common. I like buying from them as well, so I guess that made me an average mom :)

thanks for dropping by, all!
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