Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pretty Ceiling

These lamps were on the ceiling above me when I was around the comfy sofa. I said to myself 'oh, how pretty, I better take a picture of it' :) So, what do you think?
That's a fabulous light! And big it looks like! I'd want one, but it looks like its bigger than any room I have.
These lamps are so beautiful!
At first I didn't understand the perspective in your picture, but I finally got it and I just love it!
Looks terrific.
Oh what beautiful lamps!!
oh what beautiful flowers i would say... :-)
Outstanding photo. The lights are very unique as is the perspective. Thanks for the comfy sofa link.
gorgeous! Is that in a mall?
yup...beautiful and nice perspective...
nice picture :)
It's gorgeous! Where's this place?
thanks, all.
glad you like it :)
yes, it's in a mall. Pondok Indah Mall 2 to be exact.
Lovely lovely photo, if you didn't explain what it is I would never guess.
Well worth the picture Santy, thanks, very nice.
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