Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pasar Pagi

Pasar pagi = morning market. Basically a flea market which shows up only in the morning, usually during weekends. They sell various things from traditional food, clothes, shoes, toys, kitchenware, all sorts of stuff. And children can have a ride in one of those carts pushed by a horse which we call delman. When me and my daughter go there on Sundays, she will definitely ask for a delman ride and a bottle of bubbles. It's our favorite place :)
When I was younger, i did the same with my mother. It was wonderful! I can't seem to wake up early anymore ;)
Isnt'that Lala I see, or Tinky winky, never can get those apart.
great you have quality time with your daughter on a daily basis, nowadays everybody's busy.

nice sunday photo
edwin: well, nowadays you need all the sleep you can get to pull off a great show the next day! :)

dutchie: haha...I can't seem to remember their names either.

jazzy: I must admit that it's not on every weekends. but I try my best to make time for family.

thanks everyone!
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