Saturday, September 30, 2006

One of the Props

And, here's one of the comedian's wig, all clean and bright waiting to get dry. I'm not sure if they're wearing wigs all the time like clowns or just on special performances. I shot the pink and red wigs as well, but my daughter loves this one and so there you go :)
what a fun photo - great for the start of my weekend.

have a great weekend!
Very amusing! It could almost pass as a blossom!
Santy, this just makes me laugh! All I keep thinking is of some article in your local paper touting the "Wig-Wearing Plant!" LOL! Great shot! Have a great weekend!(=
Never mind the wigs, what about that HUGE tree?

Curly's Photoshop
Great photo! I had to read to know what it was...then I could see the wig. The color contrast are excellent.
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