Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fountain at Downtown

This shot taken on Medan Merdeka street looks as if there were only those two high rise buildings in downtown Jakarta. Well, actually you'd see more of them if you go further down the road. I like this part though, cause you get to see more of the sky :)
Kapan-kapan kalo ke Jakarta, mo nyobain Busway ah...
I like this part of Jakarta. Its so clean and with the blue sky its really refreshing. Just that very heavy air with the lot of humidity is too much to me:) I was breathing like Darth Vader in Indonesia:)But I wanna get back very much!
Interesting architecture!
I love the older building in the front, 'hope they'll never tear it down, it's been there since I could remember.
This photo feels like an architec's watercolor renderings.
Very nice! It is nice to see tall buildings with character, instead of glass blocks!

The fountain is wonderful, I wish we had one. :(
bunyamin: you should try it! so convenient compared to our other busses.

zsolt72: we always welcome more Darth Vaders around here :)

kate: yes, I agree!

ica: well, I hope so too.

rudy: hmmm...I think ur right.

juggerpix: yes, this one's not dull at all! oh, how come you don't have a fountain?

anyway, thanks for stopping by, all!
ohhh i miss jakarta sooo much. can't wait for next year summer vacation.
This is a beautiful shot!!
Yup...i miss jakarta...clean,modern,where i can breath fresh(hope someday)..1 year i leave this city..really wait till this october 17th...and then enjoy my lovely city..JAKARTA OH...JAKARTA
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