Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cappuccino, anyone?

Oh, look at those yummy snacks on the menu! But the cappuccino's good enough for me, thank you very much :) Oh, just they serve coffee with large paper cups in....say Paris? Cause I know some places use small cups like shown on that napkin. I didn't ask for a takeaway and yet they still gave it to me in a paper cup. Perhaps it's easier for them cause they don't have to worry about washing cups. Anyway, I don't mind too much really. How about you? Do you prefer your coffee in paper cups or porcelain?
Except in McDonalds, 'normal' cafes in France, Italy and Switzerland don't serve coffee in paper cups.

Drinking coffee may be quite an experience in those 3 countries. When order a cup of coffee will get:
1. In Paris, an expresso (small cup)
2. In Milan, a shorter cup of expresso, known as Ristreto
3. In Geneva, a mug of coffee milk, big one ;)
in bosnia coffee is never served in paper cups, in you ask for an authentic bosnian coffee you are served with coffee brewed in a small coffee pot and you pour it yourself, espresso coffee is very popular and it’s also served in a small porcelain cups.

nicely arranged photo =)
The only reason good argument for paper cups is that you can gauge the temperature of the coffee better.

I think some places still serve in Styrofoam here. I have a habit of chewing on the Styrofoam when the drink is done.
I lose my comments far too often. Loose fingers, I guess.

Yes, nice arrangement enhances the foto. And, I'll take my coffee in any kind of cup, large or small, especially in the morning!
A pPaper cup is only for takeaway, with those plastic rid.
I prefer hevy porcelain preheated, so it retain the heat better as wellas aloma.

Santy, did yiu ask no cinamon/choc powder on your cappuccino?
We always have (usually coco) on top of form in NZ.

I guess every one called cup of coffee differently.
We have:
Short black (Espresso)
Long black (Espresso + hot water)
Flat white
Latte (cup or bowl)

I hate cafe serves late on glass cup with no handle.
Oh, you can ask double shot triple shot if you like to have a strong one.
I like coffee in mugs, not paper cups. In Europe you'll have to specify you want Americano to not get a tiny shot of expresso ;-)
In America it's often served in a paper cup, unless you order in a restaurant. I prefer a real cup, with saucer at the bottom. Have you had Turkish coffee? It's soo good! It's usually served in many Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant, and it comes in tiny cup smaller than espresso...imut n enak deh!
I prefer a cup of tea…hehehe
tata: mmh...that's interesting. thanks for the info. I wonder when I could go visit Europe and try all that :)

jazzy: hey, it's nice to get one full pot of coffee.

juggerpix: yep, it can stay hot longer in styrofoam. just too bad it's not good for our environment, eh! oh, and I'm sure it's not good for your stomach either. so stop chewing it! :)

kate: me too!!

ben: yes, I love a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. I forgot to ask on that day :)

lisi: I agree. mugs are better.

Ica: nope, never tried it before. I will search through all the cafes here!

bunyamin: aah, a tea person, eh? then you should come to Jakarta and visit Tea N Tea cafe in PIM1 !

thanks all for the information!
In Australia I would be insulted if I sat down in a cafe and got coffee in a paper cup! (Unless a chain like MacDonalds or Satrbucks, or Gloria Jeans but I don't regard them as 'real cafes' anyway)

Paper is used for takeaway.
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