Friday, August 11, 2006

Stasiun Jakarta Kota

i'm taking you to see the area of the old business district area in jakarta. the area is part of the landmark and there are tons of old buildings still stood here. stasiun jakarta kota (= jakarta city station) is one of them. this station is actually an old train station in jakarta. this station is one of the oldest station in jakarta, originally built around 1870, mainly designed by dutch architect frans johan louwrens ghijsels. the station was renovated in 1926 and re-opened in 1929. the design of the station was a combination of technique and structure of western architecture and local styles. this station was appointed as historical and cultural landmark by governor of jakarta in 1993.

Very clear, very sharp images
hello, can you showing more inside images.
Nice building you have there, it deserves to be appointed as a cultural landmark.
How are the trains there in Jakarta? Are they already modernized? Here in the Philippines it's still pretty old, although a rehabilitation and modernization is underway...
the trains in jakarta are usually loaded by people sitting on the train, not inside. a few years ago i heard the news that some young men died bcoz of that "sitting pretty" at the station. i wonder if that still happens in jakarta.
gulfmann, too bad i didn't go inside the station when i took this picture, so i don't have the inside pics. but one of these days i'll visit it again and i will take the inside pics. :)

anne: trains here, as fitri said, is very old-fashioned. and it is one area that the government needs to address among other things. it should be a good way of public transportation but it's not the case in jakarta as the train are not well-maintained. and as fitri said, there have been a lot of casualties due to indiscipline of people riding the train on top of it, not inside, because it's too crowded and too hot, they said.

all: thanks for your comment.
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