Sunday, August 13, 2006

Museum Fatahilah

right across the street from the picture i posted yesterday, is the complex area of Museum Fatahilah Jakarta, pictured above. this building, originally built in the early 16th century, year of 1707 to be exact, used to be the capitol office of the dutch colonial government. this building is located at the heart of the town of jakarta, now known as Jakarta Museum of History (Museum Sejarah Jakarta) since 1974. here lies all the historical information of jakarta, goes back to the old batavia (batavia is the old name of jakarta) during the dutch colonialism. this building is one of the tourist spot that definitely worth your time to visit when you're in town.

I like the light and soft colors on this shot.
i havent been to your National Museum... interesting. It will be in my list when i visit Jakarta again.
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