Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Masjid Istiqlal

as promised, this is the picture of masjid istiqlal. built on top of 9.5 acres of land in the heart of jakarta, the mosque was actually designed in 1912 by a protestant architect named friedrich silaban. the mosque was finished in 1954 and has been standing tall for the last five decades. a historic landmark and pride of the indonesians, it is said that around 13 thousand tourists - domestic and foreign - would visit the mosque every month.

I think it is positive that these two religious places stand near one another.
Very cool building! Very modern looking for something designed in 1912, ahead of his time it looks like.

I echo Denton's thoughts as well!
slesta, thanks again for filling in for me. nice shots as always, girl! :)
Beautiful blue skies! How come you have that and all we have are gray skies?? =(
denton: yes, indeed. just hope that it will reflect in our daily life also. even among the people in the world.

juggerpix: i totally agree with you.

santy: sure thing, dear, it's always been my pleasure ;)

anne: actually we hardly have beautiful skies and i always so disappointed at the result of my pics as the lighting would be so bad due to the pollution. and no blue sky! but once in awhile, in rare moments, we would find one. and for this one, i had to wake up really early and lucky enough to get the beautiful sunny day. :)
I agree with jugerpix that this building looks far more contemporary than it's age. I see a few FL Wright-inspired proportional elements in it, but it looks like it could have been designed ten to twenty years ago. A great photo, Santy.
kim, thanks. but santy is off this week.. ;)
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