Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jakarta Sunrise

this is taken on a very early morning in one of the inner city highways. people wake up very early in jakarta, just to avoid the early traffic jam. sometimes people leave before the sun has risen, just so they can catch the empty roads on the way to work.

Except for the design of the street lights and drivers on the opposite side of the road, this could be a pretty typical California commute photo. My niece's husband drives 1 1/2 hours to work each way, and that's if he leaves way early like this to see the sun rise. If he leaves later, it would take much longer. Here in Seattle, the traffic is far worse (hard to believe, but true) than in California. I think the city's population must have grown too fast for the freeway infrastructure. I took some shots of the freeway this week and will post them for you on Seattle Daily Photo soon. Also, I passed by your old school two days ago and thought of you. I think I will take a photo of it next time for you. :-)
Ooops, just noticed it was you, sLesTa, who posted, not Santy. Part of my comments above were for her. Sorry about that! Loved your shot,
I like it very much :)
Nice picture. Only if this happens during rush hours :D
Sometimes, when I have to get up early to drive somewhere, I actually feel a tranquility. Not many cars on the road, the sun coming up. This picture captures that perfectly! Great shot!
Kim: thanks! I visit your blog regularly, you know :)
Kim: and Susan's Seattle DP as well!
The air pollution looks like Los Angeles at noon !
What a great photo Santy.
This is beautiful...although is that smog I see?

I wake up pretty early avoid the rush hour too
this is a great photo! I like the line of street lamps
Nice shot!
this picture really touches me, reminds me of some of my family who have to go up early just to have some more sleep in the car...

jakarta, oh, jakarta...
hi all. thanks for your comment. i know it could be confusing with 2 contributors in this page. but santy's off this week... so i've been filling in for her. hope you enjoy my pictures. :)
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