Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jakarta Kota

continuing the series of visiting jakarta old business district area, the above picture is the street behind the "jakarta kota station". it was taken on an early morning in weekend, hence, the empty street. old buildings are still standing tall here and being preserved as it is. it is definitely an interesting part of the city that reminds us back to the old days, during the dutch colony, with their influence on the architecture of the buildings and the structure of the area.

Hi Santy! How have you been? How's your Dad? Hope all's ok...and I love this shot..if not for that little car/cart thingy (which looks Asian to me) I'd think this was taken in Paris! :-)
Oops, just realized this is Slesta instead of Santy...Hi Santy ok? Hope so!
Nice picture, I like the way the lines draw you in. The wall looks very imposing, perhaps made that way on purpose?
indah juga daerah situ di pagi hari ya...
ame: hi ame! santy's fine and i think her dad is okay too, making progress i hope. she's just been tight up with work this week and ask me to fill in. hope you enjoy my pics. ;)

juggerpix: actually alot of the walls in jakarta, especially in old buildings are made that way. it's part of the architectural style of the time, i guess. :)

fitri: it's actually a good area to walk around. there are lotsa old buildings and you'll find things that are so different with the newly "modern" jakarta area.. u should go for a visit.
Hi sLesta - I did not realize Shanty had a partner hahaha ,, well you make a nice compliment to her posts - great B and W photo!
Love the photo, lovely street.
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