Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gelora Bung Karno

Ok, so which one of them will go down first, you think? :) This is the gate from Gelora Bung Karno, our multi-use stadium. It's usually get crowded on weekends, where people do their walk and jog, aerobics and other excercises. The stadium consists of various sport fields. Professional athletes do their daily training here, but it's also open for public. And when it's crowded with people, the flea markets and street food stalls will immediately show up! I love to go running here early in the morning and have a bowl of hot bubur ayam (chicken porridge) afterwards! burn a few fat and gain some more, how smart is that! :)
It just cracks me up that vendors just show up when there's a crowd. Sounds like smart thinking to me. :)
Burn fat and gain some is definitely better than NOT burning fat and ganing some! I'm sorry about your friend.
Touching photos and stories in the last 7 days. Nice to catch up with the things you've done during the week.
I can't imagine stone arrows fly too far, they probably miss each other a lot. :)
santy, are there swimming facilities in Jakarta? Lots of people run or throw themselves around gym equioment - I always feel bereft if I can't get my laps in for a long period of time!
what an impressive gate entry way wow I like this with the pillars that stand the arrow shooters up.
The angle makes it look like the one to the right is falling down on his own! The one on the left is in control and will be victorious!
susan: I agree that it's smart thinking. look for an opportunity and deliver the service :)

meg: yes, except that I don't do it regularly anymore. I know I should!

jazzy: thanks for coming back to check on my posts :)

juggerpix: that is so funny! :)

sally: yes, many of them. so, no can still do your swimming excercises when you come visit :)

kala: glad you like it!

mattias: ok, then the trophy goes to the one on the left!
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