Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cathedral Church

hi, all! i'm back! santy is okay, but will be tight up with work this week, so i will fill in for her. this is the cathedral church. designed in a neo-gothic style, this cathedral was completed in 1901, after almost a decade of idle time due to financial difficulties. beautifully decorated with holy pictures and figures, it is said to be the largest and most unique center of Catholicism in Jakarta. if you wonder why there are so many people dressed in Muslim-clothes, that was because i took this picture from parking lot area of the next-door neighbor, which happens to be masjid istiqlal (masjid = mosque) - said to be the largest mosque in indonesia and southeast asia. i'll post the picture of the masjid tomorrow.

Cool! The spires do seem to be a of a different style (very unique), I'm assuming they were the last part built after the delay?
Indonesia is tolerant people... I love it
juggerpix: honestly, i don't have the answer to that, so i'm not quite sure. but your assumption makes sense. :)

bunyamin najmi: i wish all indonesians remember that all the time.
it is always nice to see these churches - they are so dramatic and imposing in the sky like that
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