Saturday, July 22, 2006


This is TVRI tower (Televisi Republik Indonesia), the oldest TV station in Indonesia. From 1962-1989 we had only one tv station. And If I remembered it correctly, it was on air only from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Now we have 11 active private tv stations and cables with worldwide channels.
I remember waiting for the weekend to watch entertaining program. Saturday night was SAFARi, Sunday we woke up to unyil after that its Aneka ria. Of course when RCTI came it was DORAEMON.
Hi Santy:

Thanx for your visit, I was watching carefully this pic and it´s too similar to lima. The difference is that Lima has grey sky due to humity and polution. The same happens with Estambul (Turkey). How can we be so far and be so similar?

Greetings from Perú.
Ah. I used to come here a lot when Dad "freelanced" for TVRI. This picture brings back the good old days back into mind :-)
Same as J, I still remember Aneka Ria Safari, si Unyil, Keluarga Ratu Asia .. feels like hundred years ago :)
Greetings Jacarta! I never been to Indonesia but I definitely wish to. Bali maybe or Jacarta, why not? A great hug from Athens, Greece.
j: yep, I still remember those programs as well.

irredento urbanita: you're welcome. and we do have the pollution problem too. natural process of a developing country, I guess.

morningdew: helllooo, dew....long time no see! thanks for popping by :)

tanty: how time flies, eh?

ovelikios: hehe...Bali is always more famous than Jakarta. well, let me know when you come to visit!
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