Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shoes anyone?

I saw this shoes display when I was at the flea markets in Blok M. Quite creative, don't you think? Sepatu = Shoes.
I could do with a pair of sneakers. So, where's this stand exactly? ;)
Nice shot.
pretty neat shot - I could use one - and will probably be buying one this weekend =)
great shot! slesta or santy? we call shoes kasut in Malay.
yes, and saves a lot of space,too!
Doesn't look like they have any in my size! NIce shot!
kjola: It's in Blok M area of south Jakarta.

edwin: it's santy :)

kris: it does save some space!

helen: you probably right. our biggest shoe size is...I think around 12 or 14.
creative display, and creative capture!
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