Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rujak Buah

along the streets of jakarta, you would find a lot of street vendors with different products to sell. this picture here shows a vendor who sells "rujak buah" or "fruit rojak". 'rujak' (or more familiar as "rojak" in malay) is a delicacy of different fruits to be combined with special dressings usually made of brown sugar, chili paste and tamarind (sometimes with a bit of fish paste and vinegar). the fruits come in different variety of tropical fruits, such as mangoes, roseapples (jambu air), jicamas (bengkuang), star fruits, cucumbers, pineapples, etc. i myself is actually a big fan and everyday i would ask the tea lady in my office to go and buy me a plate of this rujak with just sliced of young green mangoes in it. i just can't have enough of it, as it is refreshing in the hot humid day, like jakarta. my condolences also to the victims of the recent tsunami & earthquake attacks in pangandaran area. my heart goes out to the victims and the family. also to shanti's dad who just came out of the hospital. may he gets well soon!
Great shot, and the fruit dishes sound incredible!

My condolences, too, on the sad news of the catastrophes.
Rojak is the best fruit salad ever!

Thanks slesta and godbless everyone.
That sounds and look delicious.
What are the large white things in the cart?
I'm very sorry to hear of the tsunami, condolences to those affected.
Aduuhhh jadi kepengen rujak. Udah hampir 2 tahun nih gak makan rujak. Makasih ya udah bikin ngiler :))
Buat Santy: Mudah2an papanya cepet membaik keadaannya.
OOooo.... I really want to try that now.

I was sad to hear of the tsunami also. My thoughts are with all those effected.
marie mcc: thanks. u should come and try it. but i have to warn you, it's hot!!

edwin s: couldn't agree with you more! :)

jazzy: it does, if you like fruits in spicy dressing. :)

shelly: that's jicama. some consider that as a vegetable, especially in the south america, some consider that as a fruit. it's actually the root of the plant, it doesn't really have a taste, but it's refreshing.

tanty: why don't you make it? i used to make it when i live in the US. cuz i can't wait for 2 years to have it.. hehe.. it is my favorite dish! (i usually go home once in 2 years)

juggerpix: you're more than welcome to... :)

thanks all for the condolences and the sympathy for what happened in the western shore of java. also for santy's dad. let's all pray that he will get well soon.
I hope Santy's father's health improves. It is difficult when one's parent is in ill health.

Also, my condolences for the victims of the tsunami.
A friend made a colorful edible centerpiece for a party she gave me. She cut flower shapes out of jicama and dyed them with food coloring. Really clever use of it! This is a wonderful photo. I love the feeling of depth through the glass case full of fruit.
Between repeatingdisasters of nature and repeating disasters in human relations that are causing such termoil for so many the world over, I feel very, very sad right now. I want to wish Santy's father restored good health.
Hope everything is good down there...my prayers are with you :)
my regards to Santy's father. Hope he gets well soon :) To the victims, best wishes and be strong !

ps. Rojak is the best and I like them with some "keropok" ;)
jicama....I have never seen one in person, but I have seen pictures where it looked more like a potato...these must be peeled?
shelly: yes it must be peeled. it has thick layer of skin as it is actually the root part of the plant.
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