Monday, July 17, 2006

Outside JCC

This is just outside the convention center. Those cars were lining up to get inside. It wasn't raining that day and not too hot either, so beats me why that lady in green was using her umbrella :)
Maybe she wanted to be prepared for the rain or the sun. Looks busy! Nice photo!
Hehehe thought the same as Helen :)
Hi Santy, nice street scene and there seem to be lots of roadside vendors too. I heard from news that there was an earthquake in Jakarta (Monday afternoon), are you ok?
what is it with us asians and conventions? we flock like bees to honey...

we have just heard about tsunami in indonesia. Are you alright there ?
And violent earthquake in jakarta...
from what I see on TV news here, Jakarta seems to be ok......
I just heard about tsunami, I sincerely hope you and your dearest are OK.
Hope you are well. Looks very busy here, I see what you mean about the traffic problems.
Great photo. Maybe the umbrella was new/ or a fashion accessory. Or maybe preparing for any natural disaster that may come her way- you Javanese are certainly getting more than your fair share!
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