Sunday, July 09, 2006


I love how this Ibu's dress adds color to the fruits she sells. When you go to Barito's fruit stalls, you can ask them to arrange fruit gift in baskets. You pick the fruits, they pack them for you. It's common for people to bring fruit basket gifts when visiting someone in a hospital. They usually stop by these stalls on their way to the hospital.
bagus sekali! absolutely! she was posing for you, wasn't she? ;)
Hey Santy!

Great new layout...Edwin, terima kasi for helping her! ;-)

I love the colors here...and that Ibu (funny, I call my Mother-In-Law that all the time, to tease her of course...she's a tikus, like me so we get along great!) looks so proud of her baskets!

Can't wait for tomorrow's shot!

Oh, I forgot to mention...we had "ketupat tahu" the other night...ever have that? We should start a food blog, LOL!

Great choice of fruits, it seems like it's a good year for grapes.
I agree the lady in the photo is a poser =).
What a colourful photo! I really like the colour of the lady's clothes
Yes that is a colorful shot, I love it! The woman looks motherly. I don't eat as much fruit as I should; but I bet I'd eat more if this stand was near me!
Beautiful colours. Definitely looks good enough to eat!
mbanya pasti dapet buah abis moto ibu itu... :D
That bunch of grapes looks good to eat! Can you grow grapes in Jakarta? Colorful shot!

Salamat for dropping by my site!
i wanted to say fruit basket is not such a good gift to receive..hehe. Those grapes look delish!
What a beautiful shot! And I love her outfit!!
Great colors - Bravo
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