Wednesday, July 19, 2006


it was nearly 6PM and i was still in the office, facing my computer, trying to finish my work. suddenly, i felt my monitor started to shake. within split seconds, i knew that i was just experiencing an earthquake. just as everyone else in my floor, who suddenly stood up from their chairs and started running to the doors. following the recent earthquake in the southern shore of western java, the earthquake has now travelled to the northern part, hitting jakarta and the surrounding areas. of course, it created a small chaos and i had to take the emergency stairs 15 floors down to get to the street level where people has started to form in groups with panic in their faces. no damaged has reportedly happened on today's earthquake, but it sure created panic. it was reported that the earthquake was at 6.5 richter scale, though the origin was quite far so that it didn't create any serious damage, thanks God! the picture above was taken right after i got off to the street level of my office building, which located in downtown jakarta. people started to make some phone calls and security officers were clearing the area on the emergency exit and stopped the elevator. let's all pray that no further earthquake or any tragedy will happen in indonesia, as we have shed enough tears.
all this shaking in our region is getting to scary for my liking. thank heavens jakarta is okay from this one.
Very touching entry, great photo to go with your story.
Lets hope you'll be free from natural disasters for some time.
Hope that would be the last one and everything will return to normal!
thank God you're okay and there were no damage. thoughts and prayers.
Many thoughts for you and your people.
Thought about you both when I heard the news...pretty scary to feel the quake. Glad to hear you are ok. My thoughts are with your country once again.
Glad to hear you are all right. 15 flights of steps with panicked people cannot be a fun trip.

My prayers will be with Indonesia tonight.

Your photo expresses the worry and fear you describe very well.
My thoughts are with the Indonesian people and with you. I'm glad your ok!
thanks you for all your kind wish.
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