Sunday, July 02, 2006

Downtown Jakarta

here's downtown jakarta and its skyline. the empty street is known as "sudirman street", which was empty when i took the picture, because it was a holiday. it's usually crowded, especially during rush hours. one thing noticeable when you take picture of jakarta is that you would hardly get blue sky. it's probably due to the pollution in the air or whatnot, but it's one rarity to find as the sky is usually cloudy and in grey-ish color.

I always like Jakarta from your point of view :D
slesta, when did you take this picture? I dont see The Peak buildings.
tata, it's not yet up. i took it a while ago.. they were still building the foundation at the time..
eh, ngambil foto dari mana ini mba?
bagus euy... :D
didats.. itu rahasia fotografer.. heheheh... :D
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