Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Street Vendor

this is probably the most popular street food vendor in indonesia, selling meatball soup. it serves with rice clear noodles or the yellow noodle or sometimes both, in a clear broth soup. they can be found on the streets, travelling from one alley to another, or parked near the office buildings, school areas, etc. recently, there was a local tv program broadcasting a rumor that they made the meatballs out of rat's meat. soon, people were avoiding to buy these meatball soups from the vendors, creating protests from the sellers. of course, noone really knows if it's true or not, but soon after, city officials & local celebrities worked on a campaign by consuming the meatball soup from the street vendors to show that the info was just nothing but destructive rumor. thanks for the welcome greeting from the daily photo family! this will be my premier posting and it's been an honor to be invited. i hope i won't disappoint you.. ;)
always love bakso, no matter what the rumor said
enak banggat! it's time for a late night supper I think!
Welcome! Cool photo, and the little story behind it is cool too. Is that a healthy helping of hot sauce the subject is heaping on the soup?
The child peering from behind the vendor is a story in itself, no?!
I love the way that kid is staring at you.
It looks very spicy. Like natalie, my favorite part of the photo is the kid staring at you.
Oh no, you just made hungry.
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