Sunday, June 18, 2006


A quite unusual sight of road in Jakarta. This was taken early in the morning. It'll be packed during rush hour.
Isn't it interesting how we learn to "see" when we take the time? Viewing the road and cars through the fence gives it a different dimension.
Which street this foto taken again? I havent been back home for almost ten years, and things are different there now from what I remember! Glad to found this blog. One of these days, take a pic of the downtown, would you? :)

Before rush hour!!What time was this?
kate: you're absolutely right. not just for road viewing that is :)

yanner: it was a tollway in bintaro. you're welcome to browse through my monthly archive. I posted a few pictures of downtown in the May archive. please come and visit often :)

mark: it was six in the morning.

thanks for your comments, guys!
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