Saturday, June 03, 2006

Es Doger

I'm in the mood of posting food pictures these days. So bear with me :) Es Doger is a dessert contains Indonesian fruits such as nangka, avocado, coconut, and tapioca mixed with ice and condensed milk. Tastes very sweet. The pink color comes from pink jello and syrup.
hohoho, yes yes yes, lovely food drink in indonesia ;P
Just curious Santy...while we're on a food theme...have you ever had avocado mashed up with instant coffee and sugar and a few other ingredients I can't remember...when my inlaws first did that I almost died! LOL! ;-)
That sounds very good! I'd love to try one, and the colors in the photo are so lovely.

I posted about snacks at San Antonio Daily Photo for Saturday too.
Santy ... you're torturing me with all those foods :-( I really miss Indonesian foods. Jadi lapar dan dahaga nih.
i got 'bashed' by my french colleague when I told him that we in Jakarta make avocado juice mixed with sugar and milk..... Geee what's the problem?
glad you all like it :)

ame: yes, jus alpukat namanya. that's one of my favourite as well :)

tata: hehe...maybe your friend is a person who only eats very healthy food. tell him one wouldn't hurt!

thanks for your comments!
mmm..great for summer days! too bad, i cant make shave ice here ..
tape ketinggalan , apaan tuh ya inggris nya hahaha
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