Sunday, June 11, 2006

ATM Machines

These are atm machines in one of the malls. Most of our malls have an atm center like this. Nowadays we can pay our bills via the atm (or internet, or cellphones, any other new technology I don't know about?). No doubt of the convenience, but I personally prefer paying my bills at the counter so I could get proper receipts with stamps and all :) Guess I am a bit conservative...
We pay our bills over the Internet and find it hard to imagine we every did it any other way.
a bit paranoid with the ID theft myself (er..not that i have a lot to lose) but it's good to have the option :)
Paying bills on atm machines or internet sounds very convenient.
Why are there so many ATMs? Do you have to go to an ATM that is from your bank?
Santy, this is like a big showcase of atms..interesting shot!
Hi~ I came from Taiwan

Your blog is wondeful,I do love it.

I learn many interest thing about Jakata form your word,like : lemper ,yellow flag.....

Thank you very much ,and please must keep walking ~ haha
Interesting photo. It reflects the modernernity of it all.
Our bank takes care of our bills. Very convenient, just have to leave enough money on the bank always.
hihi... ATM di blok M...
iya bener, dimana2 emang banyak... ;)
Hey I've seen more atm's than these on 'showcase' in Jakarta..
Natalie: I guess one prefers to do their transactions free of charge on their own bank's atm.. So..
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