Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Nice Trade

The man: Ibu, I'm so hungry. Your crispy 'pisang goreng' looks tasty. The lady: Help yourself, I could use a glass of cold 'cendol' too :) Pisang goreng is an Indonesian snack, it's a banana covered in flour and deeply fried with oil. And cendol is a Javanese traditional drink/dessert contains coconut milk. Both are not exactly healthy, but taste yummy! One wouldn't kill you :)
Sounds really yummy! Love fried banana!
As you have posted a daily photo, I assume you are well and safe.
hi Santy, I hope you're ok...
Hi Santy, i also checked today to see if you'd written something about the earthquake. Hope you and your family are well!
Santy.. how's everything's there? Hope you're ok!!
Santy, hope you are okay! How are things in Jakarta?
Hi Santy, did you feel the earthquake? did it shake Jakarta? I expect the focus in your country at the moment is helping those in Yogjakarta. hope your family and friends are OK.
Hope you and yours are well in the wake of the recent earthquake.
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Several people have noted that I was "pushing the buttons" for Santy this weekend and have sent emails asking when she is due to return. In response Santy normally reviews and responds to her weekend comments during the day on Monday. Hopefully we will hear soon.
that banana dish sounds so familiar - I think we have something similar here
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