Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mc Donald's

McDonald's ought to use this as their ad campaign! Cause this picture says that junk food is for everyone, not just the younger generation as shown on the wall. Do you think that gentleman in a batik shirt just finished his Big Mac? Wrong. He just had a McDonald's fried chicken! I bet Jakarta's McDonald's are the only ones in the world that serve rice with fried chicken, am I right?? As much as I'd prefer a bowl of wonderful salad, I do eat Mc Donald's occasionally :) And my daughter goes there just because they have slides!
Is Indonesia entering the phase of i-am-too-cool-to-eat-junk-food, i-am-too-cool-to-go-to-starbucks, i-only-watch-indie-or-french-or-italian-movies? When did that happen? Are we becoming a nation of all-knowing coffee connaisseurs and culinary experts? Or we just enjoy looking down on people and what they do with their hard-earned money. Did the gentlemen in the picture even know their picture was taken and you were going to have a little fun with it? Do they have children who read blogs and might be embarassed finding their dads being laughed at? I enjoy your photos and commentaries so far but not today.
Sorry, it's never cool to eat junk food. People make their choice and they should take responsibilities of their action. They ought to know stupid fucken burgers are way inferior to Indonesian (and other nations') classical cookings and should be informed about it.

Et basta!

I'm not embarassed going to a burger shop and noone should. Why?

Excellent photos and commentaries, I say!
In Malaysia, we have/had (needs edwin's confirmation) similar set fried chicken+rice. Though I never tried them. If I want fried chicken I'd go to KFC ;D

Now, the nearest outlet is 53km away..I do miss them occasinally :)

Nice post and shot !
This is clearly a hot topic! I didn't read into this posting any judgements being made about the people in the photo. McDonalds do tend to have local variations on their menu, which is what I think the point being made was. They serve salads in NZ.
«Are we becoming a nation of all-knowing coffee connaisseurs and culinary experts? »

To the anonymous person.

I represented no nation in my writing, but thanks heaps for citing my thoughts.

Well what are your thoughts?

I think it's ok for people to eat junkfood for pleasure some time.

In fact on our daily basis, we often such of food like potato chips, pepper mint and kind of it.

The formula is never over fed...
nice shot. i like it! the tilt is perfect.
I hate McD's but I think that is a great catch...well done.
As for thier kids been embarrarsed seeing dad being laughed at? WHAAAT????
aah...any personal opinions are welcome, dear Anonymous. So sorry to know that my comments today were unappealing to you.

I wasn't trying to mock anyone or anything. And the point was exactly what louise has mentioned.

Thank you all for your comments! :)
Always enjoy a good uproar!
Like Louise said about NZ; we have salads from McD. over here too.
Especially after the Supersize me film where that guy gained 20 kilo or so and became ill, they tried to shift their image.
BTW the anynomous writer (CHICKEN!!) is a laugh.
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