Sunday, May 21, 2006


I know many of you have shown your city's mailbox. This is how ours look like. 'Bissurat' is an old term for it, which means a bus for your mails :). But still written on all the boxes. Most people call it 'kotak surat' (mailbox) nowadays. Anyway, when using Indonesian post services, I prefer to just go to the post office and mail my letter from there to make sure it gets to the desired destination.
Our mailboxes often have such short little legs. I love the red color and the long slender legs on your mailbox.
Interesting mailbox! That reminds me that I wanted to take a photo of ours as well...
I am catching up and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying all your pictures. The one with all the kids piled on the van scared me it looks so dangerous. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures and letting me see what daily life is like for you!
sarah: glad you like it :)

nicola: I'll come over to your DP to see your mailbox :)

carol: thanks! I'm enjoying other DPs as well. It's very interesting to see so many cultural differences, right?

Thanks, all!
Your post gave me the inspiration to post a dp post about mailbox in Italy:-)
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